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Top new questions this week:

Artemis and the Pleiades

In Smith's "Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology.", the entry for the Pleiades states: According to another story, the Pleiades were virgin companions of Artemis, and, together ...

greek translation artemis  
asked by Astrid_Redfern 3 votes
answered by b a 3 votes

Finding translations of Greek scholia

I've been very impressed by the online archive of classical texts at, and have been using it to verify dubious-sounding claims from e.g. Robert Graves against the text of the myths ...

greek translation  
asked by Astrid_Redfern 3 votes
answered by b a 4 votes

World Tree - inheritance from shamanistic traditions?

I'm interested in the origins of the conception of the World Tree and I came across a statement that many linguists think that the motive of the World Tree is not inherited from Proto-Indo-European ...

comparative origins world-tree  
asked by lmc 1 vote
answered by Janice T Keller-Kimball -1 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How did Pan die?

From bleh's answer in Can the Greek Gods Be "Killed"?, I learned that Pan is dead 1: He returned no answer to the first calls; but at the third he replied, Here ! here! I am the man. ...

greek pan  
asked by Girsan Virlee 9 votes
answered by Sam 7 votes

Who lives in Mount Olympus usually?

Greek gods were on Olympus. On the top of my head, I can also name some more, like the Muses and Ganymede, but, are there other people who lived on Mount Olympus?

greek olympus  
asked by bleh 3 votes
answered by HelloDarling 2 votes

Where did the Roman gods live?

The ancient Greek gods lived on the famous Mount Olympus, which is an actual mountain in Greece. The Romans borrowed quite a bit of mythology from the Greeks, so I at first assumed that the Roman ...

roman comparative  
asked by HDE 226868 31 votes
answered by Semaphore 25 votes

Why are goats associated with Satan?

Why is the goat often associated with Satan in various religious folklore and illustrations? What makes the goat satanic?

animals the-devil  
asked by amphibient 23 votes
answered by Obie 2.0 23 votes

What is the importance of the number seven in mythology and religion?

Similar question Why is 12 such a holy number? 7 is one of the most important number in history. It would be hard to ignore : The seven days of the week The seven deadly sins The lucky 7 The ...

greek christianity numerology  
asked by Docteur 19 votes
answered by Docteur 13 votes

Why did Zeus assume so many different forms for seduction?

The character of Zeus is well-known for seducing many women, both human and goddesses. In many of these stories, Zeus assumes a form other than his true self. The most famous is perhaps Leda - it is ...

greek zeus  
asked by Luna 31 votes
answered by durron597 24 votes

Is there a creature in mythology that is a frost bird or a frost phoenix?

I searched a lot but I couldn't find a creature that is similar to a frost phoenix or a frost bird, or a giant creature similar to a frost bird for example. It's for a project (I like to keep real ...

mythical-creatures myth-identification  
asked by Yann Chabot 18 votes
answered by Daft 17 votes
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