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Need help identifying a specific prophetic or cursed book of unknown origin

My mum recently told me about a book that her own mother (my grandmother) mentioned to her when she was a child. Neither of them actually had a physical copy of the book, but I'd like to know if ...

myth-identification origins european-folklore magic slavic  
user avatar asked by ParadoxPython Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How did Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades decide who would rule what?

From Wikipedia article on Hades: Zeus got the sky, Poseidon got the seas, and Hades received the underworld, the unseen realm to which the souls of the dead go upon leaving the world as well as any ...

greek zeus olympians hades poseidon  
user avatar asked by Ero Sɘnnin Score of 17
user avatar answered by durron597 Score of 19

Who gave Hermes his winged shoes?

Many tools and weapons were given to the gods as gifts in order to perform their daily tasks. However there is no mention about how Hermes got his fabled shoes. So were they crafted or given as a gift?...

greek god-items hermes  
user avatar asked by Young Guilo Score of 21
user avatar answered by codingEnthusiast Score of 21

How was it decided which warriors would go to Fólkvangr and which to Valhalla?

I have read numerous times that some Norse warriors, upon death, would go in Fólkvangr, while some others would go to Valhalla. How was it decided which warrior would go to which place? Why did the ...

norse afterlife valhalla folkvangr  
user avatar asked by codingEnthusiast Score of 34
user avatar answered by Bhatkivedanta bodhikaya Score of 9

What is the original story of Fox Spirit/Nine tails fox in India's myths?

I read in wikipedia and some mythology sites about the fox spirit that came from India but surprisingly they never mentioned any story in an Indian version. I can only find stories from China - Daji, ...

myth-identification chinese japanese india buddhist  
user avatar asked by Nate M. Score of 8
user avatar answered by Gibet Score of 6

Can the Greek Gods Be "Killed"?

If Zeus and his siblings were able to hold Chronos down and chop him into pieces, effectively "killing" him, could there be a way for the gods or goddesses to die as well? Or in other words, can the ...

user avatar asked by Caitlin L. Score of 13
user avatar answered by DukeZhou Score of 16

Why did humanizing Enkidu take a work of a prostitute and not of an ordinary woman?

The following lines suggest that Enkidu was humanized as a result of having sex with Shamhat: When with her delights he was fully sated he turned his gaze to his herd. The gazelles saw Enkidu, ...

sumerian gilgamesh  
user avatar asked by Elruz Rahimli Score of 5
user avatar answered by yannis Score of 8

Why does looking at Medusa with a mirror work?

Medusa is known for being so ugly that if men even look at her face, they would immediately be turned into stone statues. Perseus was somehow able to overcome this challenge of killing her by looking ...

greek mythical-creatures medusa  
user avatar asked by Anthony Pham Score of 40
user avatar answered by yannis Score of 45
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