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Top new questions this week:

Are there any non-European versions of "Elves" in Indian/Persian/Arabic/Chinese/Meso-American folklore/fairy tales?

Basically the traits should be long life, good looks, pointy features, thin, magically adept and closer to divinity. I think, Yaksha of Hindu Mythology could potentially be one candidate but he seems ...

hindu chinese persian arabic contemporary-mythology  
asked by Abhay_Bhai 1 vote
answered by Codosaur 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How are Norse and Celtic mythology related?

I was in a charms shop a while back and they had a section laid out for Celtic Mythology charms and their meanings. I had a look and found Thor's hammer. I ask my mom and she said the Mythologies are ...

norse comparative celtic  
asked by Andrew Johnson 7 votes
answered by Karel Vissers 6 votes

Why is 12 such a holy number?

In many religions, such as the Greeks, the number 12 is considered holy and sacred for many generations. There are 12 main gods in Greek mythology, Odin had 12 sons in Norse mythology, 12 disicples of ...

asked by Anthony Pham 20 votes
answered by Anthony Pham 5 votes

Why did Rumpelstiltskin want the baby?

The story of Rumpelstiltskin is quite well known, but I can't recall what his motivation for wanting the human child. The question can be extended to Goblins in general. (Although in the case of the ...

folklore changelings  
asked by DukeZhou 6 votes
answered by Sarah 6 votes

Who lives in Mount Olympus usually?

Greek gods were on Olympus. On the top of my head, I can also name some more, like the Muses and Ganymede, but, are there other people who lived on Mount Olympus?

greek olympus  
asked by bleh 4 votes
answered by HelloDarling 2 votes

Are the Anunnaki mentioned in the Bible?

The following Bible passages mention “Anakim” and “Anak”: Num 13:22; 13:28; 13:33 Deut 1:28; 2:10-11; 2:21, 9:2 Josh 11:21-22; 14:12; 14:15; 15:13-14; 21:11 Judg 1:20. They sound similar. Is there ...

comparative sumerian anunnaki bible  
asked by kenorb 8 votes
answered by Gautier C 8 votes

What kind of dog breed would Cerberus be?

There are countless depictions of Cerberus with various number of heads or additional parts such as snake heads or tails. Some even say that Cerberus did not refer to a dog or hound at all, but rather ...

greek mythical-creatures underworld  
asked by Diglett Dig 13 votes
answered by Rodia 14 votes

Why can't vampires walk in the sun?

A very common trope in vampire fiction is that vampires can't walk in the sun, and will die if they try to. See, for example, Suicide by Sunlight on TVTropes. Why is that? What is the origin of the ...

origins vampires sun  
asked by Ouroboros 10 votes
answered by andejons 6 votes
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