I have been wondering if there exists a formal language that can be used to describe the most abstract dynamical content of various stable narratives. If so, is there a reasonably compact classification, pertaining to this 'archetypal script', of a decently large collection of various myths (preferably, across different cultures, whatever it means)?

I have checked out Thompson's 'Motif-index of folk-literature' and it seems pretty close to what I have in mind, but yet I am aiming at something more abstract, closer to a programming script language of a kind. Say, one starts by declaring, as a list of formal variable names, the list of all entities and objects that are going to be involved in the script. Then one specifies the initial graph of formal relations (ex. A is allied with B, B is in possession of D etc.), and proceeds to describe the dynamics of the narrative by iteratively changing this graph according to various formal rules (ex. A destroys E, B creates C etc.). Such a script language should probably be flexible enough to allow some forms of non-linear narratives. Again, if such a classification exists, it would be interesting to see isomorphism types of various creation and destruction myths.

Thank you.


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