I've been thinking about what sorts of monsters would realistically be in a haunted house and I wound up wondering if there was an official word for the sorts of places where vampires lived. Is there?

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In English, you often see "lair" used. You can see a bunch as book titles, even going back to the 19th century.

Lair, of course, isn't only used with vampires, but I think that's history enough to establish it as an acceptable use for them.

  • In Dracula Bram Stoker uses "lair" several times to refer to the Count's hiding places.
    – Chenmunka
    Mar 25 at 16:16
  • @Chenmunka That would certainly solidify its usage. The link I posted was just a few years older. I haven't checked the OED yet to see if there were earlier usages.
    – cmw
    Mar 25 at 16:36

1) Lair

If you go with 19th century popularization of vampire as cmw mentioned.

2) Grave later coffin

If you go with after original vampire as Upiór (~Wright) - generally undead creature with Western Europe roots.

3) Hard to tell

If you are looking for blood drinking creatures from ancient times you can have whole spectrum from good deities to evil monsters so their hideouts....



There are no "official terms" in any culture. Culture is a sort of social construct where the participants kind of agree, in a very broad sense, on what to call things. Names for things like this change as popularity waxes and wanes.

Vampires exist all around the world, as do a wide variety of other monsters. Some might live in wild places like caves or swamps; others live in houses, mansions, castles and the like. The specifics are going to depend on which culture you're most interested in and what timer period and genre of literature you'd like to consider.

Just for example, the quintessential vampire, Dracula, actually got his start in the person of Vlad the Impaler -- a brutal prince of Wallachia living in a brutal time in history. He is known to have invaded the Ottoman Empire as it encroached ever westwards and is reported to have slain tens of thousands of enemy soldiers. Probably impaling quite a number of them. His family had a pretty nice mansion, and at some point in time he seems to have lived in a castle.

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