Theoi has quite the list.


  • Crown, Lotus-staff, Cuckoo


  • Lotus-staff; Crown; Cuckoo; Peacock; Pomegranate

CHARIOTS Who cares?


  • Pomegranate, Lotus/Waterlily, Willow


  • Heifer, Lion


  • Cuckoo, Peacock, Wide Winged Hawk, and Crane


  • Venus

She even stole another goddess' Planet.

Is there a tangible reason why she has so many symbols and sacred stuff?

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    The problem with this list is context. All of the gods, and especially the major ones, had plenty that were sacred to them. The ancient Greeks lived in a very sacred world, and the distinction between the sacred and the secular was non-existent.
    – cmw
    Commented Jan 19, 2016 at 0:49
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    Just look at Dionysus for comparison: theoi.com/Summary/Dionysos.html
    – cmw
    Commented Jan 19, 2016 at 0:50

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The problem is that you can't look at a God as an equivalent of a person with a distinct and very limited identity. The gods we more fluid in how they were represented and worshipped and during the time in which they were worshipped. When simply enumerating that Hera's sacred birds are a Cuckoo, Peacock, etc., you lose that people living in one community may have had a lot of Peacocks but had never seen a Cuckoo before, so they naturally revered the Peacock instead.

Priest: And Hera's sacred bird is the Cuckoo

Worshiper: Ohh. What's a "Cuckoo"?

Priest: Uhm, [looks around frantically] ... that bird over there!

Worshiper: ...Looks kind of like a Peacock to me.

Priest: Well, it would. That is why I am a priest. Now kneel before the goddess and pray or I will give you such a pinch!!

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