The Japanese Underworld (Yomi) is said to be ruled by Izanami. However, in the tale of Ōkuninushi, Susanno is said to reside there as its king. In addition to that, Izanamzi told Inzangi that she had to ask for permission to get out of Yomi.

Who did she need to ask for permission? A ruler/god of Yomi? Who is the real ruler of Yomi?

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As I understand it, Izanagi is the original ruler of Yomi, however, when Susanoo was banished there, he became ruler.

Texts on Yomi are very scarce, and finding out exactly how he became ruler, and what later became of Izanagi, remain scarce. I'll do some investigating soon for you.


maybe she was going to ask Hades or the Chinese Yama, remember that the Japanese underworld shared various similitude with Greek underworld and various gods came from adaptations of china and India.

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