Dionysus Shipwrecked is a lost comedy, written either by Aristophanes or by Archippus. Regardless of authorship, the title suggests the play revolved around a story of Dionysus being shipwrecked. Has that story survived in any other form? Do we know anything about it?

The one story I know of Dionysus at sea, the one he's abducted by Tyrrhenian pirates, doesn't fit as there's no shipwreck involved.

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I haven't been able to find any summaries of the plot, from which I deduce that it is lost to us. As for the title, Emmanuela Bakola suggests that in Dionysus Shipwrecked, like in the Frogs, Aristophanes (or Archippus) is playing off the close connections between Dionysus and the sea to suggest that the god is, in reality, "ignorant of the sea".

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