The Mayans had Hun Batz, the Chinese have the Monkey King, and the Hindus have Hanuman. Monkeys are also indigenous to Africa, so I'm assuming there are also simian gods from that region.


Thoth is a major god of Egypt who is sometimes depicted as a dog-faced baboon.

This is a form of Thoth known as A'an, God of Equilibrium. (Budge, The Gods of the Egyptians Vol. 1 p. 403)

You can find a list of African Monkey Gods here. The references all come from EA Wallis Budge’s Hieroglyphic Dictionary, which is dated 1920, so some of the scholarship may have been superseded by more recent research.

Budge also lists the "Aanau", the four ape-gods who judged the dead (p.114 in the linked text.)

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