Wikipedia’s article on Thoth states that A’ani is a form of Thoth, which is consistent with what I know about Thoth, although much of the information I'm working with comes through the hermeticism.

Wikipedia’s citation for A’ani comes from Budge’s Hieroglyphic Dictionary, but the work dates from 1920, so I’m assuming there may be more recent scholarship.

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I have not found much. All I have found is that A'an resides in Duat(the Underworld/realm of the dead). As the god of equilibrium, he took the form of an ape. He recorded the weighing of the hearts of the dead as he was a scibe.

It is plausible that he, as A'an, not Ibis/Thoth, took part in the Three Epic Battles. Thoth’s role within these battles was to ensure neither side won a complete victory, which would disrupt the balance of the universe. To prevent this from happening, Thoth would heal the wounds of the combatants.

Although Thoth, the god of knowledge, is credited, it is likely to be A'an, the god of equilibrium, that participated to keep balance of the universe.

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