Amaterasu-ōmikami means "the great august kami (deity) who shines in the heaven." Why is it specifically august? What does the goddess name meaning august mean?

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It's a function of translation into European languages. It comes from the Latin usage: augustus and was a title employed initially by Octavian, who was deified after his death.

I'm not finding anything on Amaterasu referencing mortal beginnings, so we can probably discard the Roman association with deified rulers, and focus on the literal meanings of the term "consecrated, sacred, reverend, venerable, majestic, magnificent, etc."

See also: august (OED, def.1)


The sun is hottest during the August months, Leo the Lion (planet being the sun) rules most of August. Amaterasu is the sun goddess. I feel like the two go hand in hand.

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    The proper name of the month and the common adjective are so disassociated now as to be separate words. – Mary Apr 18 at 23:56
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    You "feel like"? Do you have anything to back up your feeling? – Chenmunka Apr 19 at 11:54

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