I'm not exactly sure what to think but after doing it so often I was just curious if there is a name? I've noticed that when I'm tired while say I'm at work I can place my palm to a tree and it begins to wake me up. The only way I can describe this feeling is like I've chug down an energy drink or something I can also do this with another human being. I sat down with a friend of mine and asked him to hold my hand he thought it was weird at first but when I held his hand I asked him if he felt anything and he described it it like a "pull" and when I used my other hand my left hand he said that the feeling was different like he was waking up.


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Only did a quick search but didn't find any mythological creatures with this attribute. Is there a mythological 'psychic vampire'?

However, did find a conversation about the ability, which may give you a direction to follow. Having no shared experience, I neither endorse nor oppose what is said in the linked thread:

Absorbing Energy From Trees | Shaolin Wahnam Institute Virtual Kwoon and Discussion Forum


This is not an approach I am familiar with, but overall I certainly do not agree with such practices. A student recently asked me regarding stories of Chi Kung practitioners killing vegetation with such practices and I will give the same answer I gave him.

Drawing energy from any other living creature for any reason other than the immediate betterment of that living creature is not what I would expect of any noble Chi Kung practitioner. In this case and from what you have written, if he was knocked away by the energies he was taking, then he should not have been taking them. Giving energies back into the cosmos in whatever form is part and parcel of existance. Deliberately taking something from another being without permission is theft.

I would also describe it as low to mid level Chi Kung, as the cosmos supplies an endless source of pure, clean energy that is free to all - why take from another?

As I say, I am not familiar with this as a specific technique or practice so if anyone would care to explain to me exactly why someone would use such a practice I look forward to hearing their views.

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