Mathonwy is the father of Math fab Mathony and a mother godess Dôn in Welsh legend, who is believed to be analogous to Danu from Irish and Vedic legends.

Are there any surviving sources, either direct or references from the medieval era, pertaining to Mathonwy?

Thanks in advance.

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Sadly, I've never been able to find any direct references to Mathonwy anywhere.

Bromwich (pg. 439) mentions that the name Mathonwy itself could be a doublet for the name Math, like so many names in Culhwch ac Olwen are. If so, Mathonwy may never have represented a specific character.

One final thing worth mentioning is that it's unclear whether Mathonwy was Math's father or mother, as the form of the name could be appropriate for either a male or female. Additionally, the Mabinogi suggests Math may have belonged to a matrilinear descent line. Again, Bromwich points out that Math "is succeeded by the sister’s son (Lleu) of his sister’s son (Gwydion). In these circumstances a matronymic might be expected, such as in fact we find that Gwydion receives: he is known invariably as vab Dôn."

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