Could you please explain, while doing worshiping, according to Hindu Mythology, why do people produce smoke through burning joss sticks; light a candle-like light called "Dip jyoti" prepared from cotton-swab and mustard oil or margarine; and ring a metallic bell (made up of alloy of brass and iron) and while doing so all the three items (joss sticks, light, and bell are moved around the "Almighty" in clock-wise direction?

  • This question pertains to hinduism, they will be able to translate easily some concept for you. The right direction come from the fact the Lord is on the right, so you turn on the right. You follow then the path of the Lord and live a righteous life. That is why I cannot fully answer this question... It require some faith and practice from the Hinduist, which I have not... Ringing the bell is to produce the 'om', Lord's name Aarthi, once again I can give you a 'view' but detach from the ritualistic practice. too cold. Or it is the origin you are looking for? – Gibet Nov 16 '18 at 8:10

In Aarti, a part of the Puja ritual, the burning of incense is said to be cleaning the air, and thus making it easier for the devas or other divine beings to manifest themselves in the place of incantation. This ritual is not limited to worship, but is also used to welcome a guest to your house (making it easier for him/her to reside in your house by purifying the air). In Indian movies you can often see a guest being welcomed in this way, the host can wave the incense over the head of the guest using their hands.

As for the candle-lighting, this video for children has some English translations of an accompanying incantation text that explain its purpose.

The ringing of the bell (a clear sound) welcomes the deities in a similar philosophy as the incense.

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