When I heard about the myth regarding Asherah as God’s “wife”, it started to appear some questions which I’d like to ask because I could not find the answers I’m looking for. Here is a list questions:

  1. Is Asherah a created goddess?
  2. Was Asherah always existed alongside with God?
  3. How she became God’s “wife”?

Just in curiosity.

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Judaism wasn't always monotheistic. In fact, the "many names of God" listed in the Tetragrammaton and other sources are clearly derived from deities worshipped in cities in and around Hebrew lands before the diaspora. For example, the name Baal is clearly derived from the Canaanite deity Ba'al Haddu. The "many names of God" in Genesis is very likely an attempt to establish a national, central authority of these deities under one and the same, Yahweh.

Asharah is a female deity from this pre-monotheistic period, known from Akkadian and Hittite texts. During the transition period from poly- to monotheism, some biblical scholars believe that Asherah was worshipped as the consort of Yahweh.

Scholars have also found an early link between Asherah and Eve, based upon the coincidence of their common title as "the mother of all living" in Genesis 3:20 through the identification with the Hurrian mother goddess Hebat. Asherah was also given the title Chawat from which the name Hawwah in Aramaic and the biblical name Eve are derived.

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