Any and all knowledge or insight into the ancient and/or medieval myths of Estonian tribes would be much appreciated. I am aware of the supreme god Taara, sacred groves, sacrifices, and other subjects which appeared in the medieval (12/13th century) chronicles. I am trying to reconstruct this mythology to feature in a novel which I am currently in the early stages of compiling. Any other gods, spirits, rituals, traditions, creatures, or folk tales from before the Christian invasion of Estonia would help me tremendously.

NOTE: I want to try and steer clear of the reconstructed mythology such as in the Kalevipoeg due to my story's setting in the 13th century. I will also be borrowing myths from adjacent Lithuanian, Latvian, and Finnish (maybe Slavic) lands, but I would like to try and focus on Estonian mythology.

  • This is really broad and general though - you'd be essentially asking for a book on the subject. Are there perhaps more specific elements of the mythology that you can focus on? Feel free to create multiple questions asking about different facets of the topic. – Semaphore Jun 24 '19 at 7:46
  • I am asking about everything because the subject is so obscure. What little information I can find online is usually related to reconstructed mythology or post-medieval folklore. If one was to make a book on the subject of the remaining knowledge of Estonian pre-Christian beliefs, it would be brief. It is an extremely specific topic, and I would love to see any information regarding the subject. Is there a book or source that you know of? – Koios Jun 29 '19 at 23:33

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