The Neo-Hittite Chimera (850–750 BC) from Karkemish is housed in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara, Turkey:

Neo-Hitte Chimera

"Museum of Anatolian Civilizations080" by Georges Jansoone (JoJan) - Self-photographed. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

This chimera is presumably a precursor to the more well known Greek chimera. Do we know of any stories associated with it? Is it mentioned in Hittite mythology?

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After researching on the topic for a considerable amount of time, it seems most of the sources which describe the Neo-Hittite Chimera, do not contain any myths about the creature nor any in-depth details.

Therefore, it leads me to believe what another source said (emphasis mine):

"On the orthostats at Neo-Hittite sites, the Chimaera had no narrative context and served only to ward off evil, but in Greek myth the beast was to be conquered by a hero"

source: http://cuartmuseum.colorado.edu/collection.bak/classics/greekvases/orientalizing.html

Which means, the Neo-Hittite Chimera was created just to "ward off evil" and hence does not have any myths associated with it.


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