There are so many different answers to the, "Who were Hades/Pluto and Persephone/Prosperina children?" question that I'm not sure if they even had children together at all anymore.

One person on a mythological website said Hades was sterile.

Wikipedia has The Erinyes listed in the children category but the history linked to them counters that. Describing them as older than the Olympians. Then there are:

•Zagreus, who might be the actual son of Zeus when he may or may not have shifted into a snake and crawled into her cave bed when she was a virgin (before marrying Hades?).

•Melinoë who might also be Zeus's child when he disguised himself as Hades and lay with Proserpina. Or, she might actually be Hades' because some said, "Zeus and Hades are essentially two representations and different facets of the same god." So, she might really be his daughter with Persephone?

•Macaria who seems to definitely have been Hades daughter but apparently no mother is mentioned.

●Then there is Plutus (Ploutos), who seems to be Plutus (no apparent name change) regardless of Greek or Roman mythology. Wikipedia says he is either Demeter's son with Iasion OR Pluto and Persephone (they also used his (Hades/Pluto) Roman name, with her Greek name together, which I also found odd and confusing.

Was Plutus the son of Pluto and Proserpina?

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    Hello and welcome to Mythology and Folklore! In the case of the Erinyes their parentage is better described on Theoi than on Wikipedia, theoi.com/Khthonios/Erinyes.html I also recommend looking at the page for Plutus there theoi.com/Georgikos/Ploutos.html – Tom Jan 5 at 17:42
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    Thank you! The Erinyes information on there was perfect for another question I had about them. – Flea Jan 5 at 21:30

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