I was thinking of a tattoo with Nordic influence, I found this picture and I love it, but I need to know what it says (if it says anything), information about the symbols (like Yggdrasil or the Crows of Odin) would be very appreciated.

enter image description here


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As explained, the runes say "not all who wander are lost" (in English and in a very nonrunic mode) a line referring to Aragorn.

The two ravens are most likely Huginn and Muninn, Oðin's birds that would fly all over seeing what's to be seen.

The rune staff below seems to have originated in a 19th century collection of runic spells. Description.

The interlocking triangles are the valknutr, a widespread Germanic symbol.

The runes on either side of the tree are jera (year) and dagaz (day) and are elder futhark. The tree could very well be Yggdrasil, the worldtree.

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