I am hoping to find clarification on the correct spelling and meaning of the following song for Ọṣun:

  • Jowo gba mi se o ore, yeye Ọṣun (2x)

    A di di ndi (2x)

    Osun Sekese Oloo ya Iyun

I'm told that Jowo means please and ore is friend. I know that yeye is mother.

Google translates Jowo gba mi se o ore as accept me friend. Google translates a di di ndi to we are the husband, but adi di ndi as exist.

Looks like ṣekese means immediately, oloo means fertile and Iyun means pregnancy, so I'm leaning towards

  • Ọṣun ṣekese oloo 'ya Iyun

With 'ya referring to Iya or "mother".

So the overall meaning would be something like:

  • Ọṣun, please accept me, friend.

    Exist, exist.

    Ọṣun the immediate fertile mother of pregnancy

Any more informed insight, correction, clarification most welcome.

Thank you and aṣe.


It appears that "ṣe ke se" could mean do it.


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