I am beginning an interest in Norse mythology, and I am looking for a complete copy of the Prose Edda. There are several versions available on Barnes and Noble, but I want one that gives all four books, and is as close to the original as possible.

Also, if there are other texts that I should consider in conjunction with the Edda, I would like to know these also. Thank you very much for any help.

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The Prose Edda translation Anthony Faulkes seems to be quite complete, it contains Háttatal too (this is the enumeration of verse forms omitted in several other translations). If you are interested in Old Norse mythology, I would recommend the following sources:

  • The Poetic Edda (this really is one of the most important sources for our knowledge of Old Norse mythology)
  • The Völsunga Saga (this is more about heroes than about Gods, the material overlaps in part with the Poetic Edda, the Old High German Niebelungenlied and other materials)
  • Þiðreks saga can also be interesting, it is a heroic saga about the Gothic king Theodoric the Great who also plays a role in the Völsunga Saga and related texts, there are also some connections with Völundr (who is also in the Poetic Edda)
  • The Hervarar Saga og Heiðreks and other saga’s, which are mostly about heroes
  • the first books of the Gesta Danorum (a history of Denmark, originally written in Latin, but the first parts are set in mythological times and relate of Othinus/Odin, Balderus/Baldr, Hotherus/Höðr, Ollerus/Ullr and Horwendillus/Aurvandill; it offers a very different version of several stories known from other sources)
  • the prologue of Sörla þáttr, about Freya sleeping with four dwarfs to acquire a necklace, which is then stolen by Loki

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