In the past I heard couple of legends about some mythic land in the north of Europe called Lechia. But after reading couple of articles about legendary Kingdom of Lechia I decided to find more information about this Kingdom. Below I listed some of them and I wonder, is it something real or should we think about it as a legend/mythology?


  • Kodan (nowadays polish city Gdańsk) – 1750 BC -> confirmed by Pomponius Mela’s Map
  • Gniezno – (nowadays polish city Gniezno) - 1700 BC
  • Carodom (nowadays polish city Cracow/Kraków) – 1550 BC
  • Szczyt (nowadays polish city Szczecin) – 1450 BC
  • Vineta - legendary town in the north - more info



  • Haplogroup R1a (Y-DNA) - more info here


  • inscription - some info here


  • Sarmatia - info here
  • Mare Sarmaticum (today Baltic see)
  • and concept Sarmatism - well known in Poland


  • Bronocice pot - 3400 BC - probably older wheel concept that Sumerian - more info here

So my question is about existence of this kind of civilisation in the ancient time. Is it real or myth?


Lechia is the mythological name for Poland, stemming from the word Lech (which is also a common first name).

enter image description here

According to legend, the name derives from the first ruler of Poland, Lech. It is also the derivation for the term Lechitic languages.

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