What are some reasonably well-informed scholarly studies (books, book-chapters, articles) on the Sumerian godly decrees ME, preferably containing the latest archeological evidence and interpetation? I'm interested in the worldview the MEs reveal, as regards the combination of imaginary symbolism and practical life.

Wikipedia lists 64 such MEs, but has little analysis on most of them.

So has there been any progress since Kramer's books of 1960's? Books and articles on Mesopotamian themes abound, so I'm asking for some time-saving suggestions on the most useful & complete material.

  • The list of MEs on the Wikipedia page comes from Kramer (1963), whose list in turn comes from the tale of Inanna and Enki, which I believe is indeed the main primary source. Unfortunately it gives very little context: the relevant portions are just lists of names of things. And even those are very terse in the original text. Jun 20 at 13:55
  • And also incomplete—there are plenty of lacunae in the story of Inana and Enki. I'm not aware of any analysis more recent than Kramer.
    – Draconis
    Jun 21 at 22:58


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