There was a question on English SE about the name of horse-headed human (opposite of Centaur), I wrote Ipotane in an answer. When I searched up 'Ipotane' on Google, it gave me the following image:

enter image description here

There's also a Wikipedia article about Ipotane.

I wonder if it's correct and used in mythology.

Does anyone have any information about 'Ipotane'? Or should it be reverse-centaur?

(I hope it's not off-topic.)


I don't think it would be Hippotane: ιππότης (hippotes) in Ancient Greek just means "soldier" or something close to our word "knight".

If you want to derive from Greek, then Wikipedia suggests ιππότης λεώς (hippotes leous), but that literally means "horse people", so that's not exactly it either.

Some versions of the Perseus myth mention a horse-headed man, based on the cave-cult of the horse-headed Demeter, but gives this creature no specific name:

enter image description here

I would suggest μεάλογον (mealogon). με άλογο means horse-headed, adding an "n" to rhyme with "gorgon", but this has no historical basis.

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