I'm trying to find the translation to the Inuit story "Mother of the Dog Children", viewable here -- http://www.inuitmyths.com/dogmother.htm

Any resources that may help translate this text are helpful! Or even if there's another source with this text at all.


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The text on that page seems to come from this collection of stories. The text is attributed to a Neil Christopher. The year at the end of the text (ᕘᐊᔅ, 1901, ᒪᑉᐱᒐᑦ 163-165) also appears in the References page at the end of the collection. I believe the reference is to the collected notes on Inuits by George Comer, James S. Mutch, and E.J. Peck. On pages 165 and 327 (pages 167 and 329 of the PDF) there are two versions of the story.


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