What's the most accurate translation of Sneedronningen, a.k.a The Snow Queen? I'm seeing conflicting details in the translations I've seen. But it seems that versions which call the mirror-maker the actual Devil are more accurate than ones that don't...

TVTropes reports that

  • AnimateInanimateObject: The mirror. It is sentient, and although the devils have to move it around, it manages to laugh so loudly that it animates itself.

Referring to this, apparently:

da zittrede Speilet saa frygteligt i sit Griin, at det foer dem ud af Hænderne og styrtede ned mod Jorden

I haven't found any translations that say that the mirror is laughing, specifically?

The Hans Lien Brækstad translation comes closest, but it's the demons who carry the mirror that are laughing, not the mirror itself?

The higher they flew with the mirror the more distorted and ridiculous the reflections became, till they could scarcely hold it for laughter.

While the Walker translation has:

but the higher they flew, the more it grinned, so much so that they could hardly hold it



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