Cygnus Rising - Grotte Chauvet, France c-28 kyaIn my mind I have always associated Apollo with late Hellenism and Persia or the Near East. However, I recently came across strong evidence of Apollo worship in France at least 28,000 years ago. Is there any consensus in the community on his start?

My original opinion was based on Hesiod, who referred to Ledo as a nymph while the Orphic Hymn refers to her as a Titan Goddess. Also being a sun god whose name begins with a vowel, I associated his name with the east. Was that a stretch? Chauvet was sealed 28,000 years ago so Apollo is far older than I had imagined. Is it just me though? Thanks for any help at all.

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    Could you provide the source of this Apollo worship in France you are referring to? – Gullintanni Apr 27 at 22:13
  • There is no evidence that this depicts Apollo in particular. – deleted 2 days ago

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