Not sure if this is the best site to ask this question, but what high school subjects would generally cover mythology and creation myth? I have heard that possibly ancient history or literature in English might do, any suggestions on this? I understand that while studying a specific foreign language some mythology may be included for that specific culture, but I mean mythology from multiple cultures to potentially look at similarities and differences.

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    Units of History classes covering specific cultures are likely to include some of the mythologies of those cultures.
    – Spencer
    May 14 at 17:45

It depends. In high school, I took a Humanities course that covered Graeco-Roman and Norse mythologies. I don't know how common they are, though. You'll get it sometimes in English classes, such as when they cover works that have mythology in them. Finally, language courses will often cover them. I know Latin did, but I'm unaware of what e.g. Chinese or Japanese high school courses.

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