We were given this puzzle in class and i have no idea, any help would be appreciated


Cronus (Saturn) and Jupiter merge, causing the Bethlehem star phenomenon. That said, Bethlehem is in Palestine. This is probably the answer.


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    Unlikely - the Nazarene's birthday in December was set by clergy centuries after the verses that mention a star were written. This was done to associate Christianity with the much older pagan tradition of Saturnalia. – Codosaur May 21 at 8:25
  • @Codosaur Nevertheless, we are talking about legend, not historicity. – Spencer May 23 at 23:48
  • Italy, particularly Rome. Romans worshipped Saturn/Chronus. Saturnalia was the Roman feast that became the Christmas phenomenon. Hope OP returns with the answer! – tblue May 26 at 21:27
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    You are a genius, my teacher almost got a heart attack from the thought someone could solve it – sean python May 31 at 1:01

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