This is the idea that humans might not be able to control general superintelligence. The academic treatments are necessarily focused and limited, because good academics must be careful, but the mythological treatments have no such barriers, and these mythologies are how the problem is understood informally by the general public

For instance, fewer people have likely read William Gibson than have watched a Terminator film—the mythology is overwhelmingly dystopian.

  • What are the common themes in fictional treatments of the AI control problem? What are the core philosophical questions they explore?

Good answers can also include individual examples from popular culture, but they should explicate the meaning of the story with real theoretical referents or mythological precedents.

The AI control problem itself is still mythological (theoretical) in that it presupposes Artificial General Intelligence, which we haven't yet proven is even achievable.

  • Thing is people tend to think of AGI as if it's like some magic that can do anything, some ghosts in machines. Is there a problem with "controlling" humans? Do we need some hardwired stupid "Laws"? – Mithoron Jul 7 at 21:31

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