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For questions about what a being may encounter after death, such as a heaven, hell, or underworld.

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What is the origin of the 'Light' as a ghost?

As a ghost (or after death), it is popularly believed that you will see a light and that light will take you to the afterlife. Where, and/or when, does this 'light' emerge in folklore's history?
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Why do Mormons believe they will become gods when they die?

The LDS scriptures declare that the ultimate goal of a Mormon is to become a god and procreate for all eternity in their own worlds. Why is the goal to become a god in their own world and rule over it?...
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What is the original ancient Egyptian names for the "Book of Two Ways"?

After much research, I am asking for help with this matter. I can find no reverse translation for the "Book of Two Ways." Is it like the "Book of the Dead," a modern convenience ...
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