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Myths originating in th Akkadian empire

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Book recommendations for Sumerian ME decrees

What are some reasonably well-informed scholarly studies (books, book-chapters, articles) on the Sumerian godly decrees ME, preferably containing the latest archeological evidence and interpetation? I'...
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Anat and Ištar (west Semitic deity), did these deities derive from the same Semitic deity?

Apparently, Astarte/Athtart/Ashtart the Phoenician/Carthaginian goddess was a variation of (or that she simply derived from the same religious figure) the Babylonian Ishtar (who was herself a fusion ...
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What is a "house of Madanu" and a "gate of Madanu"?

The Hittite ritual CTH 432 ("The Ritual for Depression") mentions laying out certain patterns in flour, starting at §3.24: namma-kan É dMADANI Ù É dṢAR[… gulašzi nu-kan KÁ dMADANI IŠ[… Next,...
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What or who is Igidallru?

In Did Greeks and Romans allow for belief in only some of their gods?, Igidallru is mentioned: Here is for example Odysseus killing the Cyclops, I meant Nergal killing Igidallru As a comment ...
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Who is the she-demon pasittu?

I was researching the question What demons/fabulous creatures did the Sumerians mention? when I stumbled upon the she-demon pasittu: Mankind Punished [iii.45] Enki made ready to speak, and ...
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What demons/fabulous creatures did the Sumerians mention?

I'm looking into fabulous creatures and demons specifically in Sumerian texts, or in Akkadian texts but where the creature/demon still had a Sumerian origin. I can't seem to find a complete list, if ...
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