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Questions on the mythical race of female warriors appearing in Greek mythology.

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Did Admete go to Themiscyra?

Wikipedia (seemingly quoted directly from older encyclopedias) claims that according to John Tzetzes' commentary on Lycophron, Eurystheus' daughter Admete not only asked for the belt of Hippolyta, but ...
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Is there any truth to the claim that the original home of the Amazons was Sinope, not Themiscyra?

From the Wikipedia entry about Otrera, the founder of the Amazons: One day Otreta and her women rebelled and took over the entire town and eventually all the towns surrounding. Otrera would march ...
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What are some differences between Ares and the amazons in the 2017 film Wonder Woman and the actual mythology?

In the beginning of the 2017 film Wonder Woman, Diana aka Wonder Woman, is read a story by her mom, Queen Hippolyta, supposedly corresponding to Queen Hippolyta of Greek mythology. The story begins: ...
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A battle between Maximo and Digenis in Greek Folklore

While working on an essay, I came across a book called the "The study of Russian folklore" which mentions encounters between an Amazon Maximo and Digenis Akritas and also between Siegfried and a ...
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Is there a story that places the Amazons against Ares?

In the 2017 film Wonder Woman, and I assume the comics featuring the eponymous character, the Amazons are associated with Zeus and Ares is their adversary. This is bizarre. The Amazons are a warlike ...
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How is Wonder Woman related to the Amazons of Greek Mythology and Atlantis?

Does anyone have any real proof not from comics or movies that Diana of Themyscira is an actual figure from mythology? How does Atlantis relate to this? For background, Diana of Themyscira is name ...
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