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For questions on a type of celestial being in the Abrahamic and Zoroastrian beliefs, typically acting as messengers begin heaven and humanity.

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What is an Half Angel Half Demon?

I read in a Solomon Grimoire that there was a species of Angels called Half Angels Half Demons. I haven't found any other information on them. Does anybody know?
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1 answer

Was the Grim Reaper originally depicted with a scythe or a sickle?

Was the Grim Reaper originally depicted with a scythe or a sickle? I have seen both versions of the Angel of Death's weapon and was wondering which one is considered the older, more original version. ...
9 votes
4 answers

How did the angels Michael and Gabriel come to be associated with water and fire?

This interesting tidbit comes from the first chapter of Moncure Conway's “Demonology and Devil-lore”: “These have been associated in rabbinical mythology with the angels Michael (genius of Water) ...
4 votes
2 answers

Reference texts for Christian mythos

I was wondering if anyone on here has a good reference for Christian mythos in the way of specific characters/Christian mythological creatures, i.e. Nephilim and Seraphim? Anything having to do with ...
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1 answer

What would St. Michael be considered far as title/rank?

What is the title and rank of St. Michael amongst all the Angels and exactly what is or was his responsibility?
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0 answers

Do humans become angels when they die?

Where does the belief that humans become angels after death come from? Who (which groups) have this belief? Is it an idea from other religions that has been incorporated into Christian beliefs? Has ...
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1 answer

What scripture describes humans as being morally superior to angels?

At the climax of Fate/stay night's Heaven's Feel route, the main antagonist, Kirei Kotomine refers to a religious scripture that says humans are morally superior to angels because humans can choose ...
5 votes
2 answers

According to Biblical account, why fallen angels' offspring are giants? Or are they egg-born?

In the epic of Sodom and Gomorrah the angels appeared to Abraham were comely men desired by the citizens there, that is, they appeared as normal humans to the people except they were extraordinarily ...
23 votes
2 answers

Who commands the Heavenly Host in combat?

According to the bible, Heaven is defended by an army of good angels known as the Heavenly Host. For example, Christian mythology from the Book of Revelation states that the Heavenly Host will take ...
7 votes
1 answer

Are angels ever depicted fighting in Abrahamic religious texts?

Revelation 12:7-17King James Version (KJV) 7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, How do angels fight? All Christian,...
7 votes
2 answers

In Abrahamic religions, what is the origin of angels?

In Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and potentially by relation Zoroastrianism), what do the sources say is the origin of angels?
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1 answer

What do the abrahamic angels call God?

There are many names for God. (Yahweh, Adonai etc.) By what name might the angels call God?
3 votes
2 answers

How did angels get their halos?

How did angels come to get halos? I don't think the Bible, Qu'ran, or Torah says anything about them. But now, when we say "angels," we think of winged humans with halos on top of them. So where did ...