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Is Hanna (2011, 2019) a form of the modern folk hero Pippi Longstocking?

In his only interview, the author of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo stated that Pippi Longstocking was the inspiration for the character of Lisbeth Salander. This involved Lisbeth's genius and ...
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How do I analyze a mythology?

[Sorry if this question isn't specific or not very legitimate. I've only been in this site for a while.] I've been getting into religion and mythology lately. I've been wondering, how do I analyze a ...
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Which ancient hero is most associated with confronting the unknown?

I came across this quote from Jordan Peterson: Well what would you want to be king? You could say king of the world or king of your own soul: What do you wanna subordinate yourself to. How 'bout your ...
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Why is the trickster such a popular motif?

The trickster appears to be one of the more popular archetypal motifs in mythology. The Greek Hermes and Dionysus, the Egyptian Set, the Norse Loki, the Hindu Krishna, the Native American Coyote, the ...
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If the Hero is Ego-driven, but what is the Self/Soul?

According to psychologist Carl Jung, there are divisions into one's mind. The "Self" (often described as "Higher-Self" or "Soul") is what hold all of those divisions together (or try to). It is what ...
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