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Questions about or pertaining the Greek goddess of archery, the moon, hunting, maidens and more.

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Specificness of gods

I am by no means an expert or insider on mythology, and maybe I misuse or misunderstand Greek mythology. But there has always been a question that has been on my mind. Why do the gods have such ...
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Artemis and the Pleiades

In Smith's "Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology.", the entry for the Pleiades states: According to another story, the Pleiades were virgin companions of Artemis, and, together ...
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Why did Apollo trick Artemis into killing Orion?

In one of the endings of Orion's myth, Apollo challenges Artemis' skills and tells her to shoot at Orion, who is swimming in a lake. Artemis, who can't see that it's Orion, shoots and unknowingly ...
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Why is the virgin goddess Artemis associated with childbirth?

Orphic Hymn I to Prothyrea ("Προθυραία"), identifies Artemis as the goddess of childbirth, and relegates Eileithyia to the role of "assisting goddess": O venerable goddess, hear my pray'r, For ...
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Was Artemis a lesbian?

The material I was taught in school spoke of how Artemis never sought the company of man (romantically or sexually). Said material merely described the huntress as 'celibate', but this was sort of a ...
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Why would an ancient temple be dedicated to both Poseidon and Artemis?

Why is this temple dedicated to both deities? I can't find a connection between them in either myth or theme.
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Which one was older, Artemis or Apollo?

On the island of Delos, Leto had twins, Apollo and Artemis. But usually, twins have a time in between before they are born. Not sure if this is the same in mythology. So which was older?
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