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Questions pertaining to the 3,182 line epic poem of Old English of the same name

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How did dragons get their wings?

Modern day dragons are, in Western culture at least, imagined as huge, reptilian, fire breathing creatures with both legs and wings. However, as far as I can find out myself by research, dragons were ...
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Why did Beowulf's men carry weapons?

In Part VII of Beowulf, Beowulf tells Hrothgar I shall manage the matter, with the monster of evil, The giant, decide it. Thee I would therefore Beg of thy bounty, Bright-Danish chieftain, ...
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Why did Beowulf order to leave his sword to Unferth?

In chapter 9 of the Beowulf epic (line 582), Beowulf dismisses Unferth as someone who only talks but but doesn't participate in heroic deeds. But later in chapter 22 (line 1488), Beowulf makes a last ...
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