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For question about Chinese myths and legends.

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What does this ear stud show in Chinese Mythology?

Does someone know what this ear stud shows? Because of the Yin/Yang symbol it should be chinese - so no Yōkai. Could it be a Yaoguai? A Huli jing? I have absolutely no idea but I just want to know ...
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To what degree are depictions of Beggar So influenced by the immortal Li Tieguai?

I'm specifically wondering about the depictions of Beggar So in popular culture, such as his portrayal by the inimitable Yuen Siu-tien. For instance: Li Tienguai has a magic medicine gourd; Beggar So ...
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Are the seven fairies of the story of Dong Yong, being the daughters of the Jade Emperor, a modern invention?

I was looking for old stories about seven sisters, where the youngest is the most important, and found the English Wikipedia article on Tian Xian Pei, talking about the daughters of the Jade Emperor, ...
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Origins of the Chinese Red Egg Tradition

In China there is a folk custom to give a red egg on someone's birthday. When and where did this practice originate from? Are there any myths related to the practice?
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Did Chang'e (嫦娥) and Ne Zha (哪吒) ever interact?

In all Chinese mythology I would like to know if Chang'e and Nezha ever interacted at all. If they ever did, were their feelings mutual? Did they know each other at all? I know both of their myths, ...
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Are humans suppose to succeed gods in Far East mythologies?

Although this question is mostly inspired by video games, I'm searching for the cultural (mythological?) root of this "trope" (I lack a better term). At this point, I encountered it multiple ...
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