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Questions tagged [comparative]

For questions that compare mythology or folklore from multiple cultures.

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Is there any folklore in non-European culture that may be an attempt to "explain" similar to changeling myths in Western Europe and Scandinavia?

It has been suggested by some authors that stories of changelings in Scandinavia and western Europe are an attempt by ancient peoples used to try and explain developmental abnormalities in children, ...
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Perception of echoes and myths concerning its nature in Northern America

I was recently listening to a song from the movie "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs", this song to be more precise. Anyway, at some point as you can see in the video, the voice of the singer ...
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What are some sentient creatures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican mythology?

I have read a bit about the five suns world creation myth, and I am curious if the original peoples of Mesoamerica believed in other sentient beings similar to the fairies, centaurs and such of ...
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Parallels between Hecate and the Devil?

Hecate was associated with crossroads, just as the devil was. Do the similarities end there? Could Hecate qualify as a devil figure?
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Mythological figure for self-motivated seeking of unprejudiced knowledge

I am looking for the name of a mythological person, god, spirit etc. or narrative which stands for the unbiased search for knowledge or naive learning. I am not so much looking for famous examples for ...
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How many lost continents are in Mythology?

A majority of people will know of Atlantis. It is a Greek, fictional island, misregarded as oral history. Atlantis is mentioned in Plato's works Timaeus and Critias and is placed in the Atlantic Ocean....
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How does Australian Aboriginal totemism compare to its Native American parallels?

I was surprised to find out that the concept of totemism is present in Australian Aboriginal tales. Up until today, I was under the - obviously mistaken - impression that it was a concept unique to ...
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Why do so many cultures have a myth of the world being made or remade from water?

In various creation and flood myths the world is said to be remade from water, why would different ancient cultures have this same theme?
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Are the Yoruba and Japanese pantheons the only ones to have an infinite increasing number of gods?

I know that the Yoruba and Japanese gods have basically an infinite number of gods since their pantheons continue to grow all the time but are there any other pantheons that do this?
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Did any cultures worship an actively malevolent being as their primary deity?

Every culture I've ever heard of has primarily worshipped a being that deserved to rule the universe. Whether the sole figure in a monotheistic religion like the Christian God, or the primary god in a ...
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What is the relevant book for comparative mythology nowadays?

Since i am not in the field of mythology & folklore scholar but a reader. I have interested some of topic in comparative mythology especially: The diffusions of mythology across the world. The ...
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Is there any creature or being with the role of keeping good and evil balanced?

Is there any creature or being in either mythology or folklore that serves as a form of "negotiator" between good and evil, with the role of keep order and balance between them (whether it's ...
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Why Mahabharata or Ramayana did not considered as earlier civilisation than IVC?

As we all know IVC is the first civilisation in India between 3300 to 1300 BCE. But Mahabharata and Ramayana should dated before this period based on Yuga cycle. Then we haven’t considered these are ...
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Is Hebe related to the concept of Xenia?

Does anyone knows if theres classical reference for relating the Goddess Hebe with Xenia or Theoxenia (receiving well the guests)? I found relations of Hebe with marriage and pardoning supplicants, ...
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Was there a Mythological Being Who had His Eyes Removed and Separated?

WARNING! Spoilers ahead for Blue Exorcist and The 8th Night So, I recently watched a recap of a Korean Mystery-Thriller film called "The 8th Night". The basic premise is that a young monk ...
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What is a reptile with many heads meant to symbolize?

I'm from Romania, a country where you fill like you are in a trash can in urban zones, but feels like a fairy tale in rural zones. In school we learn about fairy tales (which is a species of very ...
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Why is syncretism mostly described through an "interpretatio graeca", rather than any other polytheism?

It is well known that ancient Greeks such as Herodotus thought other culture's gods (e.g. Egyptian) are actually same deities as theirs, just having different names. For example, Plutarch said Not ...
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Are myths related to and comparable to Draupadi found in other culture's myths also?

The myth of Draupadi is found in the famous Hinduism mythological epic poem Mahabharat where she is disrobed by her brother in law in front of her five powerful husbands, in the King's Court full of ...
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