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Was there a concept of bringing about a perfect world in ancient pagan religions?

I was wondering whether there was a concept of bringing about a perfected world in ancient pagan religions, whether as something the gods were expected to do, something that mankind was expected to do,...
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Mythological figure for self-motivated seeking of unprejudiced knowledge

I am looking for the name of a mythological person, god, spirit etc. or narrative which stands for the unbiased search for knowledge or naive learning. I am not so much looking for famous examples for ...
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Way to measure the probability a story evolving in a given culture

I am wondering if there exists a way to get a numerical estimate of the probability of whether or not a given society will evolve a story with certain characteristics within a certain amount of time. ...
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Are there any examples of gods or people boasting of their ability to engage in multiple acts of sex in succession?

Are there any examples in mythologies of gods or people boasting about their ability to engage in multiple acts of sex (multi-orgasmic) in succession? I am looking for examples in which they specify ...
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Why were metamorphoses so popular with ancient writers?

A brief search revealed five books by Greek and Roman writers on the subject of metamorphosis myths: "Metamorphoses" by Ovid "Metamorphoseon Synagoge" by Antoninus Liberalis "Metamorphoses (aka The ...
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Are there any stories or fables in mythology that have an anarchist message?

Most mythologies that I read are used to justify the power structures in society. Are there any that instead preach democracy, anti-authority, pro-education, or free love?
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What kinds of love do individual Greek gods represent?

The Greeks had four concepts for love: éros (ἔρος), storgē (στοργή), philía (φιλία) and agápe (ἀγάπη). Eros being passionate love or romantic love. Storge means love between good friends and family. ...
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If an angel can fall, can a demon rise?

My understanding is that archangel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven was because he refused to accept the humans and that was a sin in God's eyes. This tells us that angels can be bad. From what I'm ...
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Does hubris have an opposite?

Hubris is a Greek term that means excessive/deadly pride or arrogance before the gods. She is also a personified daemon. Soon after one succumbs to Hubris, Nemesis enacts retribution. Since hubris is ...
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Which cultures have the concept of a "true" or "secret name?"

A true name, to my limited understanding, is a concept of a name(s)/phrase specific to one person/being that gives the speaker power over the person the true name belongs to. It is a semi-popular ...
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How far does the classical model remain a template for heroism in the modern world?

Pretty much the question. I'm doing an essay right now on the social constructions of heroes, yet I don't really know how to go about this. My basic outline (so far) is this: Introduction to what a ...
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Are the nodes of Greek mythology a major concept?

The Wikipedia article for the Calydonian Boar says that Like the quest for the Golden Fleece (Argonautica) or the Trojan War that took place the following generation, the Calydonian Hunt is one of ...
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What concepts exist to describe how motifs change from time and place

In the question How to search for patterns/motifs in folklore or mythology, I introduced the concept of motifs/tale-types, which are essentially the folkloristic equivalent of tropes (an example of a ...
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How does the Genius concept fit into the Roman Mythology?

I'm having trouble understanding how the Roman mythology revolves around or is associated with the concept of Genius. From what I understand, every thing has a spirit or soul, that can be venerated in ...
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