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For questions about beings known to combine human and super-human properties.

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What is the origin, mythical or historical, of the idea that having sex with a god grants power?

I read about this for the first time in "La ultima bruja" (2017), a book about witches. In this book, there's a chapter in which a girl has to have sexual relationships with a Wolf God so He grants ...
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Equivalent of Seven Archangels of Zoroastrianism in Vedic Religion?

Zoroastrianism and Early Vedic religion are every similar. Scholars even opine that they were one religion and got split into two, or that one originated from the other. Now in Zoroastrianism there ...
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Could it be the the Dendera Zodiak is a Glyphed description of the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

Deckenrelief (Kopie des Tierkreises) in der Kapelle des Tierkreises (Zodiak) auf dem Dach des Hathor-Tempels von Dendera, Ägypten, 16 October 2014 by Olaf Tausch Dear Egyptomaniacs, ...
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