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The Dreamtime, or Dreaming. The Australian Aboriginal understanding of the creation of the world.

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Is there a relationship between the Dreamtime and dreaming?

Wikipedia suggests the English name of the concept is imprecise and provides no evidence of a relationship with dreaming: The term is based on a rendition of the indigenous (Arandic) word alcheringa, ...
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How did the Wondjina travel in the Dreamtime?

During the Dreamtime, the Wondjina (or Wandjina) are said to have come to Earth and created the landscape. How did they travel? Were they able to move independently or did they ride on some other ...
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How long ago was the Dreaming?

The Dreaming, or dreamtime, is the Australian Aboriginal term for the pre-creation formless world, which was then given form by various deities including the rainbow serpent. How long ago was the ...
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