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For questions about myths related to times when the Sun, Earth and Moon align, creating a shadow on either the Earth or the Moon caused by the other body blocking the Sun's light.

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Have any "New Age movements" worshiped solar eclipses?

So I recently saw the August 21 solar eclipse. I was told I was being "new age" by viewing it. Is there any evidence of "new age" views worshiping it? I have asked a similar question here. There ...
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Are there any stories that present solar eclipses as a good sign?

I have been reading about solar eclipses and it appears most cultures view them as a bad sign. For example, according to the article Solar Eclipses in History and Mythology it appears that all ...
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How were eclipses explained in Egyptian mythology?

Eclipses were probably one of the phenomena that puzzled the ancient people. How was it explained in Egyptian mythology, and were there any gods connected with it (like thunder is connected to Zeus)?
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