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For questions on the myths, legends, and religious beliefs of the people of Ancient Egypt.

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How many lost continents are in Mythology?

A majority of people will know of Atlantis. It is a Greek, fictional island, misregarded as oral history. Atlantis is mentioned in Plato's works Timaeus and Critias and is placed in the Atlantic Ocean....
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Are the Memphis and Heliopolis cosmogonies competing or reconciliatory?

The Heliopolitan cosmogony attributes creation to Atum, the first god who created himself from the primordial waters. The Memphis creation myth, however, places Ptah, god of craftsmen and architects,...
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Who are the twelve Egyptian gods?

Herodotus mentions an Egyptian Dodekatheon in Book 2: The Egyptians, they went on to affirm, first brought into use the names of the twelve gods, which the Greeks adopted from them; and first erected ...
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Prostration before bricks

The Talmud in Sanhedrin 107b and Sotah 47a brings a story about a sage named Yehoshua ben Perachiah and one of his students, called Jesus (whether this Jesus is the famous one of Christianity is ...
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Could it be the the Dendera Zodiak is a Glyphed description of the Egyptian Book of the Dead?

Deckenrelief (Kopie des Tierkreises) in der Kapelle des Tierkreises (Zodiak) auf dem Dach des Hathor-Tempels von Dendera, Ägypten, 16 October 2014 by Olaf Tausch Dear Egyptomaniacs, ...
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What is the story behind / are the circumstances surrounding the conception of Bastet by Ra and Isis?

Wikipedia lists them both as parents but gives no detail as to how it came about to be.
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What is the original ancient Egyptian names for the "Book of Two Ways"?

After much research, I am asking for help with this matter. I can find no reverse translation for the "Book of Two Ways." Is it like the "Book of the Dead," a modern convenience ...
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