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For topics on epic poetry outside the Greek epic cycle.

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Is there a reconstruction of the Titanomachy (as in the epic poem)? [closed]

I have access to the fragments of the Titanomachy. I have a short commentary on the Titanomachy in the book: The Greek Epic Cycle by Malcolm Davies, thanks to Gullintanni (a stack exchange username). ...
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Has there been a reconstruction of the Aethiopis, Little Iliad, Iliou persis or Nostoi?

I am planning on reading the Epic Cycle. Apart from the Iliad and Odyssey the original texts are only fragmentary. I have found reconstructions of the Cypria and Telegony by D.M. Smith. Is there ...
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Are there any epics featuring a female protagonist with less explored male characters?

In the Indian epic Ramayana, the women show some great complex characters, behaviours etc but they are much less explored and sometimes sidelined/forgotten(not entirely) by the overshadowing persona ...
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