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For questions on a type of mythical creatures found in European folklore. They are generally human in appearance and capable of magic, but exact definitions and forms vary from tradition to tradition. Their names are alternative spelt fay, fae, faerie or fairy.

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Did the word "fairies" originate after the creation of stories about fairies?

From Wiktionary: Fairy : Etymology From Middle English fairie, from Old French faerie, the -erie abstract of fae, from Vulgar Latin Fāta (“goddess of fate”), from Latin fātum (“fate”) This seems ...
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Who and what are the winged "faries" that feature in fairytale?

Winged "fairies" often feature in fairytale, and a good example would be the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. However, as, this link points out, the term "fairies " does not necessarily refer to the ...
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