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For questions about the descent and heritage (as well as offspring) of a being.

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Is there any pre-modern attestation for Telephassa being a daughter of Nephele by the River Nile?

In Greek mythology, Telephassa's claim to fame is that she is, going by the commonest version of the genealogy, the mother of Kadmos [Cadmus], who built the citadel of Thebes in Boiotia [Boeotia]; of ...
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Did any Greek mythological hero father a son who surpassed him in fame?

I can't think of any case of a Greek mythological hero having a son who achieved more fame, glory and "heroic status" than him. Looking the descendency of Perseus, Heracles, Theseus, Jason, Achilles, ...
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How many sons did Zeus father through mortal women? [closed]

Heracles and Perseus were two well-known sons of Zeus fathered by mortal women. How many other male offspring did Zeus father by human women? How many of these (sons of mortal mothers) ...
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