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For questions about a group of three mythological goddesses, often depicted as weavers of a tapestry on a loom, with the tapestry dictating the destinies of humans and sometimes gods.

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Is it a tapestry or a scroll?

I have always known it as the Fates creating a Tapestry of Fate. But an answer to a previous question states that Ovid called it a scroll of fate. ... and he remembered in the scroll of fate, ...
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What information medium are the Norns writing on?

In the Norse mythology, the Norns writing the fate of the gods, but what are they writing it on? For example, the Greek Fates weave destiny on a loom. If so, Does it have a name?
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Did the Moirai (3 Fates) also control lovers destiny or was that the responsibility of another deity?

Did the Moirai / 3 Fates take precedence over the Gods responsible for love and marriage? What relationship, if any, does Greek canon state about the link between Hera, Eros and Moirai?
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Is Zeus subject to the decrees of the Moirai?

In Herodotus's Histories (I.91) it is said: When the Lydians came, and spoke as they had been instructed, the priestess (it is said) made the following reply. “No one may escape his lot, not ...
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What is the earliest myth of the three Fates?

A triple pantheon of goddesses governing fate appears in a variety of European (and perhaps other) mythologies. The Greek Moirai, the Roman Fatae, the Norse Norns. Often they are associated with ...
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What is the symbolism of the name of the Parcae?

According to, Parcae/Moirai means "parts": Their name means "Parts." "Shares" or "Alottted Portions." Is there a symbolism behind this? Is it because Fate was split into 3?
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