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What is (a) Könnin kuokkamies?

It seems to be some kind of robotic/mechanical entity, but that's pretty much all I could gather from googling around. There is a Wikipedia page on the matter: here, but it is in Finnish, which I, ...
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Which gods were in Mikael Agricola's list?

I was reading up on Finish mythology when I came across this interesting tidbit: It wasn't until the 16th century that anyone tried to write down some of these stories. A bishop named Mikael Agricola ...
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Why is there confusion about what the Sampo from the Kalevala is?

Reading the Wikipedia article on the Sampo, a mythical object central to the Finnish Kalevala saga, I was struck by an apparent contradiction. The translation of the object's description seemed, to me,...
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Which Kalevala translations are closer to the original source?

I know that with the Bible, there are countless translations. Things always seem to get lost in translation. Seeing as how I can't read the native language that the Kalevala was originally written ...
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Do the seemingly random timespans in the Kalevala creation story have any significance?

The first chapter of the Kalevala always gives a specific number of years (sometimes multiple numbers) when describing time skips. The three examples I saw are quoted below. Is there any known ...
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