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For questions about stories of floods that had drastic impact on civilizations, such as the Great Flood described in the Bible.

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What was the plant that Gilgamesh found after Utnapishtim's story?

I'm assuming that the Gilgamesh myth is fairly distinct from the Mesoamerican Fountain of Youth and the Hindu Soma, but are there any corroborating myths or other research into the details of the ...
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Does every culture have a deluge myth?

A deluge myth is a story of a big flood that kills everyone. A few examples: Noah's Ark The story of Deucalion The flood in the epic of Gilgamesh The story of Bergelmir ... and so on. Is there a ...
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Are Noah and Ziusudra the same person?

There are similarities between the stories of Noah from the Bible and Ziusudra hero of the Sumerian flood epic. Both stories describe a flood myth. Based on what kind of information/similarities we ...
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What caused the Deluge?

In Tablet XI of the Epic of Gilgamesh, Uta-napishti relays the story of the Deluge: Said Uta-napishti to him, to Gilgamesh: 'Let me disclose, Gilgamesh, a matter most secret, to you will tell a ...
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The Last Glacial Period in Myth

Many cultures have a flood myth. Is any one aware of any myth having to do with the last glacial period? Or do all mythologies start when the ice has melted and caused wide spread flooding?
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Why did the gods use flooding to wipe out the human race?

Why is it that the gods used flooding to kill humans? Why not fire or a plague?
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