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Questions tagged [games]

Not part of any one mythology. But rather used to describe games of any sort from any mythology or culture.

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What is the game the champions play in Harold's court?

In N. Kershaw's translation of Hrafnsmál we learn that champions play chess in Harold's court: 8. Very magnificent is the life enjoyed by the glorious champions who play chess in Harold's court. They ...
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The interruption of the duel in the Iliad

I remember there is a point in the Iliad where they try to put an end to the war. They have two men, one from each side, fight each other to see who gets to keep Helen and her riches. The Achaean ...
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What gods were there that dealt with games?

What gods were there in ancient religions related to games? I know there were gods related to chance, but even in the ancient world, not all games relied on luck (Olympic games, other sports ...
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Why do Ethiopians play gena on Christmas?

Traditionally, people in Ethiopia play gena - a rugby/field hockey like game - on Christmas day. Where does this tradition come from?
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Is there a myth that explains Senet's origins?

Fey Ray's answer to the question What is the oldest traditional children's game? is Senet, a game like checkers. Does the game appear in Egyptian mythology? Is there a myth that explains where and ...
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What is the oldest traditional children's game?

Many traditional children's games are of fairly recent origin. For example, the game of conkers dates back no further than the 19th century, making it no more than about 10 generations old. The ...
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