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The spirit of a dead person imagined as visiting the living and usually appearing as a pale, almost transparent form.

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Is it possible to hurt / Repel Demons and Ghosts with Really Salty Water

I have been watching Supernatural and other shows that include demons is it possible for salty water to effect demon, Ghost etc. or is it just grain of salt?
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Creatures known for excessive planning - demonic or evil favored

I'm looking for creatures that are mostly known for either acting very carefully planned or for providing well thought out plans to others. Specifically creatures that are demonic or otherwise of a ...
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Why do ghosts mess with electricity?

The concept of ghosts (shades in the sense of spirits or phantoms) predates the understanding and harnessing of electricity by humans. But, in modern folklore and mythology electric lights often ...
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What is the origin of the 'Light' as a ghost?

As a ghost (or after death), it is popularly believed that you will see a light and that light will take you to the afterlife. Where, and/or when, does this 'light' emerge in folklore's history?
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What is the difference between a phantom and a ghost?

These are compared as such: a phantom is a ghost, but a ghost is not a phantom. The meaning of that is every phantom is a ghost, but phantoms have characteristics that prevents every ghost from being ...
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What is the earliest story of summoning the dead we know of?

This is a followup to: What is the earliest ghost story we know of? In this question, I am looking for stories involving mortals summoning the spirits of the dead from the underworld. The spirits ...
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What is the earliest ghost story we know of?

I am looking for early stories that follow the popular theme of the ghost story: A spirit of the dead appearing amongst the living. Bonus points if there's a haunting involved. I'm only interested in ...
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Why is salt used to get rid of ghosts and keep out demons?

I've been watching a lot of Supernatural, and I've been wondering. What is it with salt? They keep bringing up that one needs to salt and burn the bones. Also, salt is used to repel ghosts. This isn't ...
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Why are the feet of bhoots facing backwards?

Bhoots are ghosts from Indian folklore, whose feet are facing backwards: Bhoots are able to alter and assume forms of various animals at will, but are usually seen in human form. However, their feet ...
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